*ऑनलाईन मालमत्ता कर भरणा करण्याबाबत कोणतीही तक्रार असल्यास किंवा मदत पाहिजे असल्यास कृपया (1800-833-2700) या टोल फ्री नंबर क्रमांकावर संपर्क साधा helpdesk.jalgaonmc@gmail.com या इमेल आय.डी. वर मेल करा.

Payment Gateway Notification

1.Net Banking Payment Rs. 12+ Applicable GST per transaction for HDFC Bank,Rs. 8 + Applicable GST per transaction for Axis/ SBI group,Rs. 6 + Applicable GST per transaction for all banks Per Transaction.

2.Debit card Payment Transaction Less than 2000- 0.75 %+ Applicable GST,Transaction Greater than 2000- 1 % + Applicable GST Per Transaction.

3.CREDIT CARD Payment 1.35 % + Applicable GST Per Transaction.

Do Not Do ...

1. Do not attempt your transaction second time if you have already attempted, please check your amount is debited from your bank account, if amount is debited and not updated in website, then please mail us at helpdesk.jalgaonmc@gmail.com
2. For any queries related to online Property Tax Payment please call us on tollfree No.(1800-833-2700)